Saturday, August 17, 2013

BTS Series Part 1: Choosing the Right Nail Color

Hey, I'm back! I know I haven't posted in several months but I have had a loaded year and I'm finally ready to be completely committed to blogging. Anyway, I wanted to spend some time talking today about what you need for back-to-school! I know the first day can be daunting, but it can actually be fun going back if you are confident and ready to show everyone, Hey, look how awesome I became over the summer! So let's start with nails. You can choose to go with something that matches your first day outfit, or you can go with one of the new trendy colors for fall. One color that has been huge all year is emerald green, and that's what I went with for the first day (my school started on Wednesday). If you still don't want to let go of your fun summer colors, choose something just a little darker. Navy instead of teal, maroon instead of red, plum instead of violet and so on. Have fun!

Emma xoxo

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