Sunday, August 18, 2013

BTS Series Part 2: Choosing the Right Shoes

Hey! I hope everyone has had a great weekend! I want to talk for a minute about back-to-school shoes. I know those high heels can be tempting, but when I'm walking around my high school all day, I prefer comfort. I just got a pair of bright pink Converse because I think they are a perfect choice. I'm sure you will be seeing me wear them a lot! Converse seriously can go with ANYTHING, even dresses. Another sturdy shoe I'm loving is Sperries. The silver sparkles on mine can add a lot to any outfit. Pair them with a plain shirt, infinity scarf, and blue jeans and you're good to go! There's just one more type of shoe I'd like to bring up. I am absolutely in love with oxfords right now. I personally love the ones on the right. You can go with a structured pair but I also really like some of the very feminine ones that I've seen. All of the ones in this post are from Shi's website which is an extension of Journey and is also where I got my Converse and Sperries. You can get to it here. Happy shoe-shopping!

Emma xoxo

Womens London Rebel No Picnic FlatWomens Not Rated Motion Flat

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