Friday, December 6, 2013

A Few Winter Faves

       Grace Tartan Skater Skirt With PU Contrast       Meisha Tartan & PU Jodhpurs 
         Fearne Tartan Oversized Jumper      Sian PU Sleeve Tartan Bomber                   

         Lana Studded Front Beanie       Megan Chunky Knit Bobble Beanie        

         Polly Sheer With Black Spot (Penny Spot) Tight     Angelica Criss-Cross Mock Sock Tights             
        Lacey Reindeer + Snowflake Sweater      Carolyn Pom Pom Christmas Tree Jumper
        I am absolutely in love with the tartan print this winter. There are so many ways to style these pieces into a very grunge-y look (think black Doc. Martens). I'm also dying to get a beanie (One might end up on my Christmas list!) and those patterned tights are perfect for under your winter dresses. The last item I'm coveting right now is an ugly Christmas sweater. Pop one on and turn up "Sweater Weather" on your iPod. Ugly Christmas sweaters are obviously so much better if they're thrifted, but also has a few. If you're confident enough to pull one off, rock it with leggings or skinny jeans and awesome boots. An infinity scarf doesn't hurt either, depending on how cold it is.


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